Teacher professional development
Reach works with The Earth System Modeling and Education Institute (ESMEI) to offer professional development courses for local educators. ESMEI is the institutional legacy of CMMAP, a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center that was active from 2006-2016. The Weather and Climate Enrichment Series provides science teachers with college-level content on the basic physics of the atmosphere, weather, climate, climate modeling, and climate change.  The series is offered during the summer and takes place Colorado State University.  The courses include hands on demonstrations and provide educators with dozens of inquiry-based activities suitable for use in their classroom. Apps
Reach developed an iPad app that serves as a tool for educators to enhance understanding of the Earth’s climate system.  Earth [carbon] is a simple model of the Earth’s carbon system that allow users to adjust global CO2 emissions and see the dramatic effect of their choices. Fundraising activities
Reach sponsors events, such as the “After Dark” series, that engage the local community in science education and raise money for our nonprofit.  The events take place at venues in the Fort Collins, CO area.  Scientists and educators give upbeat science talks and demonstrations that both entertain and educate attendees on the science related to the Earth’s climate. Community events
Reach offers community events to help members of the local community, groups, corporations, and state and local governments, understand current issues in climate science.
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